Guru Ram Das AshramGuru Ram Das Ashram is the center of activity for the Sikh Dharma community in greater Los Angeles.  As the original teaching center of Kundalini Yoga, we are dedicated to the yogic lifestyle taught by Yogi Bhajan with daily sadhana at Yoga West, followed by Kirtan (songs of the Gurus) and Gurdwara services at the ashram. We serve the public with our weekly schedule of programs, the Akhand Path, Langar, Seva (selfless service) and Community Outreach.  Every year, we serve as host to Southern California's largest celebration of Baisakhi in downtown Los Angeles.

Guru Ram Das Ashram

Guru Ram Das Ashram is a place for many to visit from around the world.  Throughout the year, we host people who wish to be part of the Sikh Dharma community and meet with those inspired by the Siri Singh Sahib. Among the ashram attendees are Sikhs from various countries, individuals attracted to the spiritual presence of the ashram and the Kirtan Programs, and yoga students interested in how the Sikh Dharma lifestyle complements their yoga practice.

No formal membership is required.  There's no need to wear a turban, or to live nearby. Guru Ram Das Ashram is open to all, and we encourage active participation.


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