Welcome to Guru Ram Das Ashram

Welcome to Guru Ram Das Ashram!

Guru Ram Das AshramWe look forward to seeing you at our regular morning and Sunday Kirtan Programs as well as at our many Gurpurbs and our special community events throughout the year.

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Community Fundraiser

Guru Ram Das Ashram is funded through the contributions of its community members and supporters like you.  Help Guru Ram Das Ashram thrive with your loving support.  Your tax-deductible contributions help us continue to share with the greater community our mission of service, and our vision of a healthy, happy and holy lifestyle.

You may designate your donation for one or more of the following funds that support Guru Ram Das Ashram. Below are various donation payment methods:


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Next Event(s) at Guru Ram Das Ashram

Monthly Sukhmani Sahib Recitation, Sunday, September 17th.

Come join the Sadh Sangat for this blissful Bani from 9 – 10:30 am

Pleasure & Pain as one and the same

Kid's Educational Gurdwara Classes

Community Growth Fund

GRDA Building Fund

The GRDA Building Fund helps to expand our community.
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